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Destinations + Hacks! [latestposts cat="7"]

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QUIT YOUR JOB AND TRAVEL THE WORLD --- If that's what you want! Society is set up on false limiting beliefs and traditions. You don't HAVE to DO anything. In life, everyone seeks out happiness....

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On this page we show you our photographs that we've took throughout our travels, and talk a little bit about photography gear!   [latestposts cat="10"]        

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My life purpose is to share, teach, inspire, and motivate. Of course travelling and winning in the money game are way up there too, but when thinking of why I was put on this planet,...

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BALI: Top 3 Waterfalls You Must See!
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 11-Apr-2017

Out of all the waterfalls we’ve seen on the long-term trip we’re currently on, Bali had the biggest and best ones (sorry Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand!) We really think these waterfalls in Bali ruined all other waterfalls for us because we’re not even making the trip out to see

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BALI: Riding a Motorbike? Avoid Getting Pulled Over by the Corrupt Police With These Tips!
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 05-Apr-2017

You have not experienced The Real Bali unless you've rented a motorbike/scooter to get around this island. With a motorbike you are able to explore the entire island as your heart desires passing through quaint villages with huts, getting lost in rice fields, and navigating through small alleys that serve as

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BALI: Trapped Inside and Stranded on Nyepi! – Balinese New Year
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 28-Mar-2017

At the time of this writing, we are literally trapped inside our hotel room. The hallway and corridor is pitch black, the workers are not even here leaving only the hotel guests in the building, and the front door is gated shut so no one can go outside even if

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BALI: Finding the Secret Gateway to Heaven – Pura Lempuyang
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 24-Mar-2017

Not everyone goes to heaven, but at least we can all find the Secret Gateway to it! I don't think we'll get accepted into heaven.... =p Bali, Indonesia is one of those places that is on everyone's "I-really-want-to-go-there!" list. Essentially this means that everyone and their

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BALI: The Complete Guide to Seeing Tegallalang Rice Terraces the RIGHT Way
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 20-Mar-2017

The Tegallalang Rice Terraces are the most famous and pictured rice paddies in Ubud (and all of Bali for that matter). Tourists flock to these rice fields by the numbers to get the instagram-worthy photo of the luscious green landscapes featuring rows upon rows of rice terraces lined with coconut

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The Huge Misconception About Hostels In Asia – They AREN’T Hostels – They Are HOTELS!
Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 11-Mar-2017

“Hostels” in South East Asia are really just American hotels without amenities like a gym, pool, or spa. The misconception is so widespread and common that many hostels in South East Asia have actually now changed their name to “hotel” or "home stay". When you think of backpacking or budget

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Fujifilm X-T2 in Milford Sounds, South Island – New Zealand
Posted By Tung  Posted On 15-Feb-2017

Hey guys it's been a while since I've done one of this, but I'm back with another edition of "XT-2 in..." and this time it's in Milford Sound! Get ready to see mountains and lots of it, let's get started! Morning The day started for us in Queenstown, we waited

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Fujifilm X-T2 in… Hobbiton – The Shire, Middle Earth, New Zealand
Posted By Tung  Posted On 25-Jan-2017

The Shire Hey gang back at it again and this time I took the XT2 to THE SHIRE here in Matamata New Zealand. If you haven't checked out last week's images you can click HERE. When Hillorie told me that we should visit New Zealand, I replied "To middle earth? HELL

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