Hello you beautiful people! As we are mid-way through the first week of the year, here’s some thought-vomit I wanted to share about the end of 2016/start of 2017.

I’ve found that through a change of mindset, beliefs, goals, environment, support, and ultimately the people that you surround yourself with, both your life AND your experiences change. What do I mean? I’ve seen a few (very VERY few) posts about how 2016 was the worst year ever, how some can’t wait for 2016 to be over, that 2016 was so shitty so 2017 can only be better – you know, the usual complaints each time a year comes to an end. Same shit we saw end of 2013, end of 2014, and the end of 2015. The thing is, I HAVE SEEN SO LITTLE OF THAT THIS YEAR! I mean I HAVE seen the handful of “omg everyone agrees with me that 2016 was the worst thing to happen, can’t wait for it to end” and I’m here thinking, “who agrees, WHERE? How are you the ONLY ONE that feels this way??”


97% of those I follow and am connected to on social media is praising and raving about how absolutely incredible and powerful 2016 was for them and how grateful they are for all they’ve experienced, achieved, and accomplished. And I think it ultimately comes down to those who you surround yourself with, those you look up to and follow, and the kinds of goals you set for yourself… which is directly associated with the mindset and beliefs you have (eg. I set crazy wicked goals because I have a strong belief in myself and smart work vs I don’t have goals at all cause I think setting goals is stupid, no one around me sets goals, and what do I really care for besides losing the 10 pounds I gained this year?)


Its a GREAT thing to be surrounded by people who support, uplift, and challenge you because your reality changes. When you see people doing good, it makes you wanna do good (via support, influence, challenge, or hey… even imitation – whatever works!). Then by the end of the year everyone has done so much good that you can all look back on how wicked the past 365 days have been. Obviously negative and bad things happen everyday too, but if no one around you is focusing on them, then you don’t have time to either!


My reality is that my 2016 and all my friends’ 2016s were lit AF. Its sooo strange to me that the same 2016 I bossed the shit out of was a dull, uninspiring, and depressing reality for others. And I can bet that if I was doing the same shit I was doing the last few years with the same uninspired souls, following the same unambitious minds, surrounding myself with the same negative self-talkers… I’d have had the shittiest 2016 too.

My advice?

If you’re constantly in a rut of being super excited for the clock to tick 00:00 on Jan 1 of each year, only to be disappointed all over again by December 31, look around you and evaluate the people, things, activities,  and thoughts that impact and influence you. I understand its not so easy to just cut your Day 1’s out of your life, but if these are the people that are uninspired, unmotivated, negative, and unsupportive of your life goals and passions then its probably a good idea to put some distance between yourselves. If your ride-or-dies do the same thing day in, day out, go to the same clubs and bars on the weekend, and talk about the same nonintellectual things, you’ll never break out of your rut and be who you are truly meant to be (and who you WANT to be!) Start looking up to and following people that have the results you want. Does Bob from the adjacent neighborhood that drives a Ferarri inspire the f**k out of you? Follow him and connect with him. Find mentors. Read books. Let go of beliefs that don’t serve your inner calling.

The Instagram photos I’ve linked throughout this article are just 3 examples out of MANY that I’ve been so lucky to see all over my social feeds about a kickass 2016. I met my good friends Colin, Harrison, and Reid this past year. These fellas weren’t a part of my 2015. We became friends in 2016 and these are amazing kind of posts I get to see and read at the end of the year because I chose the right kind of people to surround myself with – supportive, motivated, ambitious, adventurous, and of course fun to be around. I am not saying that just because you unfollow your classmates from grade 6 and replace them with a bunch of successful strangers on Instagram and Snapchat that your life is going to magically turn around and lift off, but it makes a hell of a difference when you see people’s determination,  focus, and persistence going towards doing what they love and living their “true” life. My 2015 year-end feeds were full of frustration, anger, hate, and failure and even though I didn’t agree with those thoughts about my own 2015, it made me doubt my appreciation for that year, “maybe my 2015 wasn’t as good as I thought it was….?”  This year-end however was totally contrasting from the last, as I “drop topped” those that weren’t matching my vibe or on my wavelength. And because of that, 2016 was all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows for me. Remember, your life is a just a reflection. Choose the right people to reflect off of 🙂





What a year. This year was a huge step into the unknown but all I can say is that I’m more mentally, spiritually and physically happier the any other time in my life. So many things are falling into place while others are taking a little longer than expected but I’m not worried. 2016 was a great year and it seems the opinion of the world is that it was shitty. For one, if you are reading this, be grateful you can. Secondly, my rebuttal to 2016 being “bad” is to change your mindset, change your goals, stay disinclined with those goals because motivation will only lead you so far. External affairs you can’t control should not affect you internally, particularly the United States political climate or whatever it may be. I said this last year and I’ll say it (and believe it) again when I state it for the upcoming year: I’m stoked for the new year. 2017, you my bitch, come at me. Aloha 2016, it’s been an experience for which I am forever grateful.

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