10 Pro Tips to Help You Survive Your First Visit to Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam - Top 10 Tips

Planning to Visit Vietnam for the First Time? Tung and I have both been to Viet Nam 6 times - can you tell that we love it so? We've seen Viet Nam together for 3 of those 6 visits, and it seems like we grow more in love with it each time we go back. Even though we are very comfortable and familiar with getting around Viet Nam, especially in Saigon in the South, we ALWAYS get culture shock when we arrive! Now, I don't mean culture shock in the bad way, I mean it in the "oh-my-gosh-we're-in-Vietnam! -can-you-believe-it- its-so-busy-holy-crap-so-many-motorbikes...

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BALI: Riding a Motorbike? Avoid Getting Pulled Over by the Corrupt Police With These Tips!

avoid getting pulled over by corrupt bali police

You have not experienced The Real Bali unless you've rented a motorbike/scooter to get around this island. With a motorbike you are able to explore the entire island as your heart desires passing through quaint villages with huts, getting lost in rice fields, and navigating through small alleys that serve as shortcuts which regular-sized vehicles can't get through. You can stop-and-go as often as you like, for example if you ride past a chic cafe or a great spot for a photo op, you can stop and turnaround easily. You probably wouldn't wanna do that if you were in a taxi,...

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The Huge Misconception About Hostels In Asia – They AREN’T Hostels – They Are HOTELS!

baba homestay

“Hostels” in South East Asia are really just American hotels without amenities like a gym, pool, or spa. The misconception is so widespread and common that many hostels in South East Asia have actually now changed their name to “hotel” or "home stay". When you think of backpacking or budget traveling, one of the first things that comes to mind is: hostels. We love hostels. They are great value for money, they’re usually located in the central central part of town, you get to meet a ton of cool people (many of whom you realize are no different from yourself),...

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