Entrepreneurship is no longer a taboo word in this ever-changing generation of seeking freedom from bosses and employers. As a serial entrepreneur [def’n: someone who starts and leads one business after another or, multiple businesses at the same time], I am often asked by people, “can I do this too?”, “how do I start?”, “where do I begin?”, “what do I do?”, and “what do I have to know?”. In this area of the blog I will build up a portal of which will act as a library of resources from my own knowledge and experiences. I’ve started and launched 3 successful businesses and at my busiest time had 8 sources of income. Now that I travel, I have dropped more than half of those income streams as they either required me to be at a specific location or they required the handling of physical inventory.

Aside from the businesses I started, there are also many other things that I feel deserve recognition for having “started”: this blog, my YouTube channel, a travel instagram account, forex trading, an eBay seller account, a fiverr seller account, and many other work in progresses (different blogs, other lines of business, etc). Even though these aren’t exactly businesses, I still like to put emphasis on them because it takes a lot of effort to start and run and I feel it is a huge accomplishment in my life to have these under my belt. For example, when you look at the majority of the world, most do not and will not ever sell their services on fiverr, open and run a second Instagram account separate from their personal one, or sell old and unused goods on eBay. So for the reason that it’s not widely practiced by society, I think its pretty special if you do one or more of these things – give yourself a pat on the back.

I really hope you find the below information useful and I hope it gives you that extra kick of motivation to chase your dreams of entrepreneurship. If you have a burning question that hasn’t been blogged about yet, drop me an email and I will most definitely answer it!


Posted By Hillorie  Posted On 12-Jan-2017

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