SELF-DESTRUCT SUNDAYS – The Most Hated Day of The Week

Not all days of the week were created equally. Sundays suck more than Mondays.


Today will be my last “SELF-DESTRUCT SUNDAY” since tomorrow is my last Monday of employment – yaaay! I’ve been going through Self-Destruct Sundays since university but it went full throttle when I began working full-time. It’s when you have a lot of personal initiatives, errands, and loose ends to complete before this week ends, but then knowing tomorrow is the beginning of a 5-day exhausting work week in a slave cave puts you in full depression mode.


Your body tricks you into thinking you are really tired even though you haven’t done anything today. You end up self-sabotaging your entire Sunday by not going out, doing anything you had planned, or preparing for the week ahead. You might instead fill it with useless or unproductive tasks and even sleep the whole day! I HATE THIS. IT HAPPENS EVERY GODDAMN SUNDAY. I can’t control it! Some Sundays are better than others where I can fight through the “tiredness” and not “nap” (naps turn into 5 hour sleeps). Some Sundays I get way more done than others. But one thing that is constant is my dread for work on Mondays and it totally f’s up my mood and mind just thinking about all the work I don’t want to do for the next 5 days. SO GLAD THIS CAN FINALLY STOP – its so toxic and unhealthy!!!


Can’t wait for it to become Sunday Funday!


Please tell me I’m not the only one that goes through this???? Hahahaha